Fivetran automates data movement out of, into and across cloud data platforms. We automate the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process from extracts to schema drift handling to transformations, so data engineers can focus on higher-impact projects with total pipeline peace of mind. With 99.9% uptime and self-healing pipelines, Fivetran enables hundreds of leading brands across the globe, including Autodesk, Condé Nast, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Morgan Stanley and Pitney Bowes, to accelerate data-driven decisions and drive business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world.

Company information

Below is the information of Fivetran’s legal entity.

Legal Entity

Fivetran, Inc.






1221 Broadway, Suite 2400, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

Privacy contact information

Below is the contact information for Fivetran privacy team or Data Protection Officer(DPO).


Alexis Kirkman


Privacy policy

The privacy policy by is a legal document or statement that discloses how Fivetran gathers, uses, discloses, and manages their customers' data.

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Security measures

Statement or documentation of the security measures and practices Fivetran has in place when handling personal data.

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Data Processing Agreement

The DPA is a contract between you and Fivetran that has to be in place when processing personal data and transferring it to Fivetran.

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Subprocessors are companies that provide a service for Fivetran and who have or potentially will get access to personal data of Fivetran customers.

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Categories of personal data collected

A description of the different categories of personal data and data subjects that Fivetran could be handling.